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February 11th, 2011

San Francisco and Canada?!

I came into contact with my birth mom, Mavis, for the first time in 2008. Since then we’ve exchanged emails and phone calls and then just last November she came and stayed with us for a week! We had a fun time with her and the kids kept her entertained :) We went to San Francisco with her and my dad one of the days. Thank goodness for beautiful weather. Doesn’t her hair color look familiar? … Read the rest »

December 22nd, 2009

Winter is finally here so bring on the fun!

While eating at our favorite food joint two weeks ago, Costa Vida, Tyler was monkeying around and face planted into the edge of a table there.  Lindsey took him to the ER because he was bleeding profusely from his mouth.  The doctor said his upper teeth ALMOST went through his lower lip and the hole made was pretty big and will take some time to heal.  He didn’t receive stitches but was given medicine to help with the healing process.

2 weeks after we finished unpacking and organizing everything in our new home we were pleased to have our friend Amanda and her son Brandon stay with us for a few weeks.  Unfortunately because of my work schedule, I wasn’t … Read the rest »

October 18th, 2009

San Diego and Disneyland

We recently took a 10 day vacation to the beach in San Diego and at Disneyland!  For Lindsey and myself, this was our first vacation for longer than 3 days in over 3 years, and it was long overdue.

We stayed in cottages on the beach at Pacific Beach for 5 days and it was absolutely wonderful.  The weather was slightly overcast which I felt was better than blazing, unbearable heat.  The kids got to spend time playing with their cousins building sand castles, burying each other, and playing in the ocean while watching the dolphins swim around near us.  Lindsey went surfing and I went body surfing a few times which is always a highlight of any beach trip … Read the rest »

September 6th, 2009

Stinson Beach

Again, sticking to our summer theme, we took a day-trip to Stinson Beach which is just north of San Francisco along Highway 1, close to Muir Woods.   The drive itself took about 2 hours and is absolutely beautiful, especially when you finally get to Highway 1 and start winding along the coast and through the wooded parts.  Around each corner we would see a completely spectacular view better than the one we had just saw.  The weather was warm and the beach was hardly crowded so it was near perfect (if only the water was just as warm as Lake Clementine).

Tyler and Kaitlyn thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the beach.  Tyler was really brave, almost TOO brave infact.  The water … Read the rest »

September 6th, 2009

Lake Clementine

This summer has been full of water activities.  Late in July, we were invited to spend a few days at Lake Clementine with a close friend of Lindsey’s family.  One of the activities we especially enjoyed was being able to climb to the top of their houseboat and jump into the clear water below – some 13-15 feet!  The first day Tyler had no problems doing this by himself, however on the second day he was afraid to try it again for some reason even after I jumped reminding him of how much fun it was.

The kids also enjoyed playing in the sand as well as floating around in the surprisingly warm lake.  Tyler got a huge kick out … Read the rest »