June 24th, 2010

New baby names

Kaitlyn, with pressure from mom, has come up with a new name for the baby.  Brooklyn.  Well hopefully Brooklyn arrives here soon because Tyler asked Lindsey today “if the baby is here yet so we can go to Disneyland.”  Kaitlyn then asked “if the baby will come soon so we can ride rollercoasters.”  I guess this means they are going to hold us to the promise of returning to Disneyland after the baby  is born.

These past couple of weeks, upon returning home from work, Tyler has been asking me if I “made lots of money today”.  I always reply with “not enough so I have to go back tomorrow.”

June 22nd, 2010

Father’s Day

Got a new pair of my favorite running shoes for Father’s Day!

Thank you Lindsey, Tyler, and Kaitlyn!  I’ve been having pain in my right knee for awhile now and switching out the old with the new has already made a significant difference which has been great.  This is clearly a sure sign I’m getting old – my shoes are so worn out they are giving me knee problems.  There is more to my knee problem than just my shoe, but having new ones which offer more support than the old ones sure does help relieve the pressure and strain.

Since the half marathon I’ve cut my running down – I was running 8-10 miles regularly and have since been running 4-6 on the treadmill at the gym.  I’ve enjoyed this workout over running outdoors mainly because I really enjoy having the ability to sit in the steam room for 10-15 minutes right after I’ve cooled down and stretched.  With all of this running I’ve come to realize I no longer have upper body strength and so I’ve swapped out running at the gym with an hour long boot camp class every other day after work.  I still run but have to go in the mornings.

Lindsey hasn’t been feeling the best these past couple of days and it’s probable a combination of the weird cold we’re still overcoming, the heat, and we’re assuming the baby finally turned around (she was positioned with her legs down and head up).  Hopefully she’ll feel better soon!

June 15th, 2010

Bike crash

Tyler has been in preschool for over a year now and always looks forward to going and playing with his friends and participating in the activities.  It’s been wonderful because he’s opened up and has become the social boy at his school, talking to and including everyone.  Lindsey volunteers in the classroom regularly and when she does, Kaitlyn comes with her and participates with the class.  Kaitlyn enjoys this but still tends to be a bit weary when someone she doesn’t know tries to include her.

Lindsey was cutting Tyler’s toenails today and one of the clippings flew into her mouth.  Tyler thought it was the funniest thing ever.  This of course was right after he cried for 30 minutes straight after having fallen off his bike outside.  Lindsey had to then clean all the deep scrapes out with hydrogen peroxide which is when the crying really intensified.  He’s fine but because it’s been such a long time since he’s crashed I think he was more shocked than hurt.

We’re still recovering sporadically from a weird head-cold.  Tyler had it then passed it onto Lindsey and I, and now Kaitlyn has a bit of the sniffles and congestion going.  I have been feeling great for a few days but feel it coming back already… life with kids.

June 14th, 2010

Naming the baby

We haven’t really settled on any names for the baby, mainly because we haven’t taken the time to brainstorm.  We’re content with modern names, so anything everyone else is using is fine with us.  Kaitlyn and Tyler, however, have come up with a few names on their own.

Kaitlyn has made the following suggestions:

  • Pirate
  • Girl
  • Pirate

Tyler has provided the following names:

  • Diego
  • Shelley
  • Nathan

While I was putting Tyler to bed, I told Tyler to “knock it off” because he was talking back to me and not listening.  He got mad at me and told me “he no longer wanted me to be his best friend.”  That was a sad moment for me.

Sleeping Beauty

June 5th, 2010

Ditch the Parents

Every two months, a local church puts on a 4-hour “ditch the parents” night where parents drop their kids off for 4 hours and the kids participate in activities while the parents go off and do their own thing.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves eating corn dogs and ice cream, playing in bounce houses, doing arts and crafts, and playing with other kids their age.  Seeing as how they returned home 2 hours past their bed time, we thought they would be dead tired and sleep in.  Nope.  They took forever to fall asleep and were both  up bright and early the next morning.

We’ve been having weekly date nights but decided to just enjoy the peace and quiet this time around so we ran a couple of errands, cleaned the house, and watched some TV.  I’ve developed a wicked cough and have been congested for a couple of days which has been frustrating because I haven’t been sick in a long time and to get sick the first week at the new job just plain sucks.

To end the day we went to a local event where they had bounce houses, food vendors, craft tents, a live band, and good food.  The kids enjoyed the bounce houses of course and we enjoyed watching them wear themselves out.  It was great weather finally and by 8:00 pm we were all exhausted from the fun and the sun.