June 24th, 2012

Wedding, Grandmas and Grandpas, Disneyland, Camping, oh my!

Earlier this year we purchased season tickets to Disneyland as we ‘frequent’ southern California often to visit family and figured it would be a fun activity to do while down there.  Suffice it to say, we’ve been many times and will be returning many times this Summer in order to remain sane.

Last month I finally took my first vacation in years.  All my PTO hours have always gone to pregnancy leave, and therefore the only vacations I ever took were 3 day ones.  We went to San Diego for my friend’s wedding, visited my Grandpa, went to Disneyland, visited Grandma’s and Grandpa, then went camping on the beach!  It was a fun 10 day vacation but we were also glad to return home as living out of a suitcase with 6 people just isn’t fun for too long.  Although when we goto Canada, we are more than willing to make the sacrifice and stay there for a long time :)

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  1. PAtti

    The kids are adorable, Jake. So glad you are having such a great life! You deserve all the happiness you can find !

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